Monday, May 15, 2017

Reflection Pyramid

Reflection Pyramid

First Heard
The first thing on the Reflection Pyramid is Heard. It's like when you see something but you have no idea what that is. For example you are just walking around and suddenly you see someone doing something that you don´t know and you try to think what that is but you never heard of it before and that is the first time you heard of that word. That is in the heard part.
Second Learned
The second thing on the Reflection Pyramid is Learned. It's when you see something and you learned what it means but you can´t do it yet you have to practice it which is on the third step in the reflection pyramid. For example back flipping you know have heard of that before but you can´t do a back flip yet.
Third Practice
The third thing on the Reflection Pyramid is Practice. It's like you see something and a person is doing push ups and you try to do push ups as much as you can so you master the push ups so you don't need a lot of strength or energy to do your push ups.
Fourth Mastered
The fourth thing on the Reflection Pyramid is Mastered. It's like you see something and your practicing for that thing you saw like Chin ups and you Mastered how to do it so you can do it very easily you don't need to be worried or use a lot of strength on Chin ups for example.
Fifth Use
The fifth thing on the Reflection Pyramid is Use. It's like when you Mastered a skill for example you can use it on events or anytime you think is a great time. For example double kick you have Mastered the double kick so you can use it in the karate arena where different teams fight to be first place so you can use the double kick during a battle.
Sixth Teach
The sixth and final thing on the Reflection Pyramid is Teach. It's like when you know how to use the skill but can you teach the skill to other people? For example you can use the turn kick in battles but can you teach it to other people? So you have to go back to the third step which is Practice so you Practice to teach people and then you can teach people.

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