Thursday, April 13, 2017

This week I was Open-Minded

This week I was Open-Minded

Open-Minded means I listen to other people and respect their ideas. For example we're in a group and we should make the tallest tower using the blocks we have so one of my teammates have an idea so I listen to him/her and I don't say it's a bad idea.

I showed I was Open-Minded when...

-We were doing a challenge we had eleven teammates to cross the lava and we had one piece of paper each and we were not allowed to let go of our paper our else we should start all over again even when one person was touching the lava so my teammates had an idea and when we discussed it I didn't say it was bad I just tried it if it worked or not.

-We did T.I.G and when we were in a rotation with my teacher we talked about bullying and there were three different kinds of people when a bully happened. So first there was the bully that made fun of smaller kids, there was the victim that got bullied and there was the by stander that watched the bullying happened. But we needed to be a up stander to help the victim and stood up to the bully so empathy plus courage equal up stander. So when we wrote what empathy and courage meaned in a group I listened to other people's idea and I didn't say something mean to that idea.

-We did sports day that when we were doing the jumping bags there were three bags attached and we should work together to hop at the same time so we were trying to decide who should say jump and then Arata was a boy in four B he said he would say one to jump and I agreed I didn't say "why you not me" or else we would waste our time in the race.


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