Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This week I am gonna be Caring

This week I am gonna be Caring

Caring means that you take care of someone or help someone it's like being kind to other people you see or met. For example you see someone that is hurt so you help them. Also you be kind to people for example your in school and there is a new student in your class so you say kind words to them and maybe play with them.

I am gonna show I am Caring when...

-I see a person that is hurt so I will take him/her to the nurse so he/she will feel better and doesn't feel hurt after a while.

-I see a person that is stuck on something and I can help them get out of it and see them if they are okay or not. 

-I see I person that I have never met before or maybe a new student I can introduce him to the school but show him everywhere because it's not the right time to go there in recess.

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