Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Student lead conference reflection

Student lead conference reflection

Student lead conference is a day that you go to school with your parents and you show your parents the learning you have done. So first you start with the classroom then you go to specials like Art, Music and more. Also you can do your Student Lead Conference in E.A.L class if you are in E.A.L. 
So I wen´t in my classroom and I showed my Mom the classroom so like a tour of the classroom. Then I showed her ten of my blogs that I labeled S.L.C as you can see in some of the blogs. 
Then I showed my Mom a math game called Reckon. If you don´t know how to play Reckon it´s when you have I bunch of cards that have numbers on it and we each get three cards and we put one card in the middle and we should use our cards to make the number that is in the middle using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to equal the number in the middle but if you can´t make the number in the middle with your three cards you take a card where all your other cards are. You have to use two cards or more to equal the answer in the middle. You can´t for example you should make the number ten and you have seven, five and two so you can´t to seven plus five and minus two because you can´t use addition and subtraction to equal the number in the middle also multiplication and division. After we played Reckon we did a goal in the computer what should work on. Then my teacher said ¨it´s time to go to your specials class¨. 
First I wen´t to Music to show my Mom Stomp and the Movie Soundtrack so stomp means you make a beat without using instruments so you use something else and you should have a reason why did you pick that thing.Then in the Movie Soundtrack we watched about 2 minutes of it and we use our instruments to make the soundtrack and why did we pick that instrument.
After Music I wen´t to Art to show my Mom my grid that I have been working on. I´m not done with my grid yet so my Mom won´t know what it looks like when it´s done. Then I showed my Mom my Artist that each table have. My Artist is Chuck Close and our job is to clean the floor and tables. After that I showed my Mom the five steps to get one move to the planet. So my Art teacher likes Star Wars and each class have a character and when we complete five steps we get one move closer to the characters planet.
Physical Education
After Art I went to P.E and I got a piece of paper that I should write two things that I´m good at and one thing that I should improve in P.E also my Mom should write it too. Then I played Volleyball to practice.
World Languages
After P.E I went to my Vietnamese class to show my Mom how much I learned in Vietnamese class and I played I game with my Mom Candy Land. So in Candy Land you pick a random card and you turn it around and it is a color and you should find the color in the game and go there.
It was fun in the S.L.C it took a long time to show all of this.

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