Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sports day

Sports day

Sports day is when you play with your house team in school. I am a lion and there are four houses first their is the buffaloes, eagles, tigers and lions. I had fun playing sports day because I can pay soccer and basketball. We came last in sports day but I still had fun. We did a lot of different challenges like Tug of war, Soccer, Frisbee, basket shots and a lot more. My favorite one was the basketball shot because my favorite sport is basketball and I am good at aiming to the basket but I miss some shots in the game because my team said yolo the shots. That means don't think where your going to shoot in like beside the basket on top of the basket. We just shoot or else we will waste time. That's why I missed some shots in the basket. We past the highest score which is eighty seven shots and we got one hundred and fifty seven shots because we yolo the shots. My second favorite one was tug of war because I get to play with an other house and I was pulling really hard. I was Cooperating and Communicating with my house like when we did not do solo challenges so we did teamwork challenges we Communicate to each other so we can win.


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