Monday, April 10, 2017

Singing performance

Singing performance

In the performance my class and Grade four C sang three songs. They are Happy, Si Ngay Ngay Ngay and Bad Day. First we sang Si Ngay Ngay Ngay then Happy then Bad Day. From Bad Day all of the grade fours should sing it. This is the real one not the practice. The real one was yesterday at five o'clock PM. I was so nervous when I sang i front of everyone. My favorite song that I sang was Bad Day because there was a guitar, drums and a piano. We weren't playing the music we used the  guitar, drums and a piano to play the music. After that performance we waited for a while then we came back to the stage to do a final bow to everyone. I was Confident when I stood on the stage with grade four B and our class grade four A. Then the last song with all of the grade fours. Grade four A, grade four B, grade four C and grade four D.               

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