Thursday, March 9, 2017

Respectful and empathy

Respectful and empathy

I have learned that being respectful is helping others filling there bucket. So we say nice words to them and help them if they need help. Empathy means we understand the feelings of other people when there hurt or sad. It's the opposite of careless. So if people lost something or got into a fight and you can feel the pain your being empathy. Respect other people and know what the person is feeling when there bucket is empty. If you be respectful you can feel other people buckets. I will focus on respect and empathy this week and next week. Today I hurt a student feelings so I dipped there buckets to be honest so next time I will try being more respectful. I hurt a one of my classmates feelings today and I emptied her bucket because today we had a heritage museum and when I looked at hers I laughed at her work because she made a mistake and I got in trouble because everyone knew that she was sad so the teacher found she was crying so I will respect to her next time and fill her bucket.  

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