Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Multiplication means repeating addition. For example eight times eight equal sixty four because first I got the eight then I got the other eight and I added eight to eight eight times. We have started to learn multiplication after i''v learnt geometry. We didn't really focus on division. My teacher told us a strategy, it''s called Distributive Multiplication. It''s like for example seven times twenty six equals one hundred and eighty two because I used an array and one hundred and eighty two is two many dots or squares in the array so I broke them in half so you have to use a bracket or prophetess in each array you broke up to. So I broke it into seven times twenty equals one hundred and forty then prophetess I say prophetess because in British you say brackets and in American you say prophetess and I speak american English so I say prophetess. Then the rest is seven times six equals forty two prophetess. After that I added one hundred and forty and forty two equal one hundred and eighty two. I broke the numbers to the times problems that I know to solve the problem so you if you don't know what how many days are in forty one years do this Distributive Multiplication strategy I will tell you the answer it is fourteen thousand nine hundred and sixty five days! Maybe that is to many dots or squares. Do you know how I know the answer because...it's a secret.              

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