Monday, March 20, 2017

Math Geometry

Math Geometry

We have learned about geometry for the last few weeks. I will first tell you what symmetry means. It means a picture are shape that divides or mirror the shape when you cut it in half. A acute angle is a angle that is less than ninety degrees. A obtuse angle is more than ninety degrees. A right angle is at ninety degrees. A reflex angle more than one hundred and eighty degrees. I line is at one hundred and eighty degrees. A area is for example how many triangles to fit a trapezoid? It's three. A perimeter is you measure shapes with a shape. A polygon is a closed shape with vertices. A vertex is a synonym of corners of corners. An angle is a synonym of sides. A parallel line is two lines that is the same angle but never meat. A intersecting line is two lines that meat. A perpendicular line is two lines that meets and creates a right angle which is ninety degrees. A polygon is a closed shape that have corners. I didn't know any of this when we started learning it accept acute angle, right angle and obtuse angle. I was enthusiastic because I can get to play power polygons sometimes.            

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