Thursday, March 2, 2017

Itime project

Itime project

So when I was thinking on what to make. My team and I figured out that we will make something on scratch. We would make a maze in scratch so people around the world can play it. When we were planning who to do what I would do the controls and Ben and Ray are my teammates are making the maze also me so we created a apple that when you get to the apple you complete the level and then you start again. 

So I made the arrows keys to make the character move. My teammates were creating the lines and quote it so you cannot go through the lines but Ray told me to make a control that you can go through walls but it's not for cheating it's for when you have a little glitch and your stuck on the wall press space bar so you can escape. It was not easy doing all of those stuff we need to do a lot of coding.

I think I should improve on the controls because there was a code that was not working and the character in scratch cannot turn right but you can when you press the down key and the right key at the same time. Also to fix the glitch so we don't need that space bar button. 

We fixed the glitch so we don't need the space bar button anymore. My team and me couldn't fix the turning right problem I don't know why but we will try to figure it out next time when my team and me is older like about 11 or 12. I am just 9 years old.

scratch project
Here is my scratch project check it out.     

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