Sunday, March 12, 2017

Heritage Museum

Heritage Museum

Grade 4B, my classmates and me made a Personal, Local/Personal and Local and Global/Local and Global museum. I made a place where I put things or take photos and write information about it.
First I wrote about the golden glasses that my Dad has. I will tell you all the information about it. This is from personal. My Dad has these special golden glasses that my great grandpa gave my Dad. My great grandpa gave my Dad the glasses when he was 15. The glasses is really old it’s over 110 years old. It’s important to my family because gold is really rare to find and it reminds me of my great  grandpa. The glass is golden it’s just another color you can see through it.  
This is from personal and local has. The áo dài are special clothes in Vietnam. My Mom has one. We wear them to celebrate TĂȘ́t and Moon Festival because áo dài are old clothes so we where them. It’s an example of local heritage because Vietnamese people in the past the moon cake came from a special king. The king son’s saw the king’s shirt so that’s why. There are a lot of kinds of áo dài.


Ha Long Bay is a world heritage because it there is a legend about Ha Long Bay that every 12 or 13 years a dragon comes down to drink the water of the Bay and when the dragon is not thirsty it flies away and the mountain on the bay are the dragons scales. Some people belives it and some people don’t. It’s global because of the legend. The mountains are big so the dragon should be humongous.

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