Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Children rights beginning

Children rights beginning 

This is just the start of the unit so I will tell you what I know about children rights now. So rights means what is the right the right thing to do and what is available. For example children can go to school to learn but they can´t go to work because they don´t have the knowledge to go to work but if they have the knowledge it´s dangerous to go to work when you are or were a kid. I used t think equity means equal but now I know it´s not only about equal. IT is about equal but not only that. It means everything must be equal but in this world it´s not equal and you should treat others equally too. For example your Mom is choosing a school and when she chose one school and your Mom shows you a picture of the school and it looks kinda small and dirty it does not mean it is a bad school because it´s small and dirty. It is about the education. Do you know when schools are smaller they are more expensive because for example there are 54 kids in one classroom because the room is big and when they work and the teacher can´t help 54 kids everyday so that´s why smaller schools are more expensive but not to small of course. There are two more words about children rights but we did not learn about it yet so maybe at the unit reflection I will tell you the two other words also the rights and equity again in case I have more information.

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