Friday, March 3, 2017

Basketball tournament

Basketball tournament

In the Basketball tournament it was really fun playing with other schools. I had won my old school called H.I.S it stands for Hanoi International School. We had won maybe 6-0. When we were playing my team defended the basket a lot that they had no chance to score.

We went to B.I.S to play the tournament there. When we played against B.I.S which stands for British International School. We won B.I.S too but I forgot the score but I know we won. Max one of the teammates scored a lot even when we played against H.I.S. B.I.S is better than H.I.S.

Then we lost on our own school UNIS it's not of a big deal because it's our old school so yeah. We played 5 matches in the tournament. The rest of the matches we won ones and lost ones so in total we lost 2 times and we won 3 times.     

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