Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tet break

Tet break
What is Tet break
Spring break is about 2 weeks off from school in Winter. You can travel anywhere you would like to but don't forget about school when your having a lot of fun.
What I did 
In the spring break I went to Japan to Tokyo to stay there but only one day I stayed in Kyoto like I stayed in Japan for 5 days so 1st day Tokyo on the 2nd day I took a train to Kyoto then on the 3rd day I took the train again to go back to Tokyo then I stayed there for the rest 3 days then I went back to Hanoi so let´s go all the way back for the first day so after I went out from the airport I went to a train to go to the hotel then when I arrived there I dropped my stuff oh and I went with my Mom, Dad my Mom's friend named Hương and her husband Zương and there son Bee. After that we went outside to go to a restaurant to eat and the food there was delicious so after that we went to a train to explore some places. Then it we ate again for supper. Next we took a break because Bee said for 4 hours then we ate dinner and then sleep. The next day we took a train to Kyoto to stay there for one 1 day. Then we went back to Tokyo. The next day we went to Tokyo Tower it was cool and we ate in` a restaurant near it and then we sleep because it took a long time to go to Kyoto to Tokyo. The next day we just went to the basement to eat breakfast it was good then we explored around other places so we took the train a lot but Bee doesn't want to but he has no choice. Then we went to a shop called Electronics we have been shopping like about 2 hours! Then we found a mall so we went inside to eat lunch or supper I don't remember. Next we had some fun I don't remember what we did but I know it's cool. After that we went back to our rooms to sleep but my family and my Mom's family stayed in different rooms our rooms were next to each other so the rooms are symmetrical. And the last day was the funnest day in Japan we didn't meet my Mom's friend family because they always want to rest in the rooms but we don't want to so that's why. So 1st we went to a museum to learn about the world so we saw a big globe it's a big sphere and there is no stick like to hold the globe there is just a rope above the earth and it was realistic so it was moving too! After that we saw a real life ANDROID! It's a robot that moves by it self without anyone controlling it. We ate after the android show. I ate noodles and chicken it was delicious. Next I went to see the cars we can go inside them so we did and took a photo. It was fun going inside. Finally I went to a SUPER trampoline that the ropes that I was tied on pulled me up really high! Then we went to sleep and then back to Hanoi.          

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