Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing is for example I like soccer and my friend doesn't so I need to write at least 3 things about soccer so my friend will change his/her mind so he/she will like soccer.

Persuasive writing is a good way to change peoples mind. So I will make a persuasive writing and see  so it will give you clues from what persuasive writing means better.

School days should end later

Students need to learn so schools MUST end later so we can learn more so we can get more clever faster. Each day they go to school.   

Firstly students don't need to bring the work home to do it as homework if the work is not done.

Secondly student have more time in the classrooms when the students have specials like Art, Music, Physical Education, World Languages, Library and much more.

Finally students can make more friends and even if one student or more is new and the new student can walk around the school more so the student knows where to go.

So that's why school days MUST end later so students can learn more and also me.

So that's the persuasive writing that I just made so that's how persuasive looks like.



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