Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Last week and this week I was a Enthusiastic

Last week and this week I was Enthusiastic

To be Enthusiasm you need to enjoy the learning you have learnt in school so your not like "I hate learning" you like and enjoy learning.

I showed I was Enthusiastic when...

-I was learning about what are parallel shapes and polygon shapes because we played a little game that time mostly parallel shapes.

-I was learning about what learner profile is Little Goose showing in the story and Ms.Mel drew a picture of Little Goose.

-I was learning about angles and lines so there are Perpendicular lines to Angles meet from 90 D , Parallel lines 2 lines going on the same distance and never meet, Intersecting lines 2 or more lines segments that meet to form a vertex, Obtuse Angles an angle that is more than 90 D, Acute Angles an angle less than 90 D and Polygons a closed shape made up of 3 or more segments.

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