Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bridge building challenge

Bridge building challenge

On P.S.E.L we did the bridge building challenge. So In the challenge I had 3 people in my team and we worked well together because we shared our ideas and we combined all of our ideas. Our bridge must be more then 30 cm long because the 2 platforms that we will place the bridge was 30 cm long that's why. We made the ends of the bridge as thick as possible and the middle and we are aloud to use only 50 Popsicle sticks to make the bridge. 

We thought how to build it. My group were thinkers because we shared our ideas and try to combine the ideas that my group had made. It was to combine the ideas. My group found out how to combine the ideas I said to make it thick and my partners Rinka and Chloe said to make it long so why don't we make it thick and long.

How did we make it. Like I said we should make the ends and the middle thick so it was like 3 layers thick in the ends and 2 layers in the middle. This was a difficult challenge. We tried our best to make it as stable as possible. We made it like about 35 cm long. We tried to put as much glue as possible and make the bridge neat. We were making it creatively so it won't break when we put things on it. 

What should my group improve on. I think we must improve on the thickness of the bridge because 3 and 2 layers sound thick but it's not when we tested it let me tell you. 

When the testing happened. So we could only hold 1 kilogram and 700 grams because when we got higher than that it broke and do you know who won?
  This team right here. 
Just look what there bridge looked like. It's really strong! 
I was surprised that team won and I predicted that team won and my teacher will give us I prize for the winning team and who predict that the team won.

Reflection. I think   


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  1. I love that you write what you and your group have to improve.


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