Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This week I was a Risk-Taker

This week I was a Risk-Taker

To be a Risk-taker you try new things like the stuff you have never done before in your life so you try it and that´s how to be a Risk-taker

I showed I was a Risk-Taker when

-I tried to play building a machine you need to think of a machine and build I have never played that before with my friends so they ask me to play that game.

-I tried to play with new friends like Ben and Trung I have never played with them before fully it´s first time ever.

When being a Risk-Taker I think I should improve on trying even more things not a little bit so I should improve on that.

1.                                      2.                                         3. 
Do you like being           Have you ever been           Do you think being
a Risk-Taker?                a Risk-Taker before?         a Risk-Taker is the
                                        (I think everyone has)        best L.P
Yes        No                  
                                        Yes        No                          Yes        No  

If you would like to answer those questions you will type it in the comments all you have to do is type yes or no and type the question number.

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