Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shark attack concert

Shark Attack concert

When the concert happened I was sitting and the music room waiting from my class and 4C class our class is 4A. When it was our turn I took my violin and the bow to the stage and when the curtains opened my string instrument teacher Ms.Sally was conducting and we started playing Shark Attack. The song was really tricky for me because I need to switch notes really fast. It was the hardest song I have ever played from the violin in my life. I think in the future I will be an expert at playing the violin because I played shard attack a long song. I was so nervous when I was in the stage. I was a Risk-Taker because it´s the 1st time i´v played Shark Attack on stage.


That is all only 1 question because in the Singing and playing instrument concert
            blog the questions are the same that i´m gonna type now so check that out and                                              to answer this question type in the comment down below type YES or NO.

Do you know the song shark attack? 


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