Monday, January 23, 2017

Body system reflection

Body systems

Central idea: Our body systems are affected by our choices.

There are about 10 body systems in your body working to make you human and staying alive. So the 10 systems are Nervous system it sends nerves all around your body especially to make you think. The Circulatory system or the Cardiovascular system it pumps blood by the heart all around your body it works with the Respiratory system which helps you breathe oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide so they work together by the heart pumping the blood and the oxygen sometimes follow the blood. The Skeletal system it keeps your Integumentry system the same shape because the bones make your skins strong so the Integumentry system where all the your skin, hair, nails, eyebrows, eyelashes are it will stay in shape so the 2 system works together or 3 systems there is the Muscular system works together to the Muscular system helps you move so the Nervous system works with all the systems you know or then the 10 systems won´t work. The Digestive system is where all of the food and water from what you eat and drink are. It 1st goes down to your throat to your stomach then it goes down to your small intestine to your large intestine. After that this will sound a little gross then it goes out of your butt to the toilet I hope you did not say ¨GROSS!!!¨ there. Then there is the Reproductive system where make humans more humans get it? Then there is the Immune system and the Emphatic system where protects you from sickness so any kind of sickness you get it will try to keep you alive so the 2 systems works together. Then there is the Endocrine system it makes up of a network of glands. I had homework that the teacher gave me and I chose the Circulatory system because I would like to make my heart pump faster. Here is a link about my heart rate check it out. There is a rubric after I published the story my teacher did this.

As you can see the levels Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner and Expert. 
I got 1 Novice 1 apprentice 3 practitioner and 1 expert so I think that´s a high results there. So I think I was a thinker because I think a lot so I can get these results.

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