Thursday, December 8, 2016

UN day

UN day

What is UN day and what does it stand for?
UN stands for United Nations so that day we celebrate all of the countries in UNIS 193 flags! It was really loud in the parade because of the music and I was one of the flag barrier that carry the flag I had a helper in middle school she is Korean but she was born in Guatemala that´s where I´m from also Vietnam but only me and the middle school girl is from Guatemala so I should choose Guatemala.
What does flag look like?
Our flag is on the top left if you can see that it´s blue and white but there is more colors there are blue, white, green, yellow, brown and black  it´s just when we wave it just covers the other colors. I don´t  think you can see it it´s kind of hard to spot it. After the flag parade there are some dances I remember the hat dance, ribbon dance, scarf dance and fan dance. I don´t know if it´s everything but that´s what I remember. The dance that I like the most is the scarf dance because it´s had really cool moves when I saw that.
What learner profile I was being in UN day
I was a Communicator secretly because when it was our turn to walk to the stage I need to communicate with my partner but not to loud because the people near us might hear us. I just rhymed right there.
Your choice
Do you like UN day?     Do you wish to be in UN day?     Do you think UN day is fun?
Yes         No                     Yes         No                                   Yes     No   

Type it in the comments to see what do you choose okay?

That is all that I remember so bye guys!

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