Thursday, December 1, 2016

The walkathon

The walkathon 

I had an A.S.A which stands for After School Activity's called Blue Dragon if you don't know what Blue
 Dragon is it's an A.S.A that we help homeless people to raise money so we celebrate the walkathon by running around the big field in my school and I ran 10 laps. The more laps you run the more money you will raise for Blue Dragon. I was really tired at the end and I drank a lot of water at the end. I know I ran 10 laps because my friends mom came to school to put marks on my arm so I know how many laps I ran. I think the A.S.A was important because people might die in the streets when there homeless so that's why I think that A.S.A is important. I don´t know how much money are in ten laps. Even how much money the elementary raised this year because last year I was not in UNIS but my A.S.A teacher told me that last year the elementary school raised $13,000 I hope we raise more money this year. That´s a lot of money right I was so surprised when the teacher told me. I was like this :O!!! I think the poor people last year are not homeless now because $13,000!!!! It´s incredible! When you see homeless people make sure you help them because that´s what Blue Dragons people do. I forgot to tell you that A.S.A stands for after school activity. I was Commitment because I never give up when I was running. That day I ran the most that I have never ran before in my life. So yeah that´s all that I can remember.

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