Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Singing and playing instruments concert

Singing and playing instruments concert

What happened in the concert?
Well the concert started at 5:30 and I was I little bit nervous that day. While I was waiting when it´s 4A´s turn to perform which is my class I stayed in the music room watching TV to see how are the other classes going. I took my instrument with me while I was watching. When it is our turn to perform I was so nervous. My instrument is the violin. When i was walking to the stage my legs were shaking. Our song is I´m I little monkey climbing up a tree. Me and the other violin student were playing the highest note to the lowest note and chelo´s play the lowest note to the highest note. when we finished I went back to the music room to wait to my next performance. When  y next performance came our next performance is a song called One Call Away the song came from a singer called Charlie Puth. When my class and the other grade 4 classes sang it I was nervous with all the parents watching me.

What learner profile was I being
I was a thinker because I have to know when to start in the right time so I should remember when to start or else I would ruin the concert.

Your choice
Are you nervous being in a          Do you like being in a concert?           Do you like
concert on stage?                                                                                         to sing?
                                                      Yes        No                                                    
Yes        No                                                                                                   Yes        No        

If you have chosen your answers write it down in the comments good luck!                      

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