Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Playground

The new playground in UNIS

The playground in UNIS is a new playground that was made some days ago from now and already a lot of students like it. It is really big and maybe in the future the builders will update the playground. Their is a lot of students that like the playground or I would say everyone in elementary like the playground including me.

1st. My favorite activity in the playground is the Tire Swing because it's not the tire swing you are thinking about. 3 people can sit on it and 2 people push and pull from the side not in front or back because I saw someone got hurt when we push in the front.

2nd. My 2nd favorite activity is the spinning thing like when you stand on it someone should push you around and you will get dizzy and me and my friends call it Spiny Dizzy.

3rd. My 3rd favorite activity is the parkour area if you don't know what parkour means it's like you jump on a thing to a other without falling not only that like when you are using your strength accept in the gym. If you still don't know what parkour means search follow this go to YouTube and search American Ninja Warrior they will show you parkour.

It took about 2 months for the builders to make the playground so when they finish we celebrate for the builders Thank You is the celebration and I made a thank you card for the builders and they seem to love it!
 But there Vietnamese so I wrote thank you in Vietnamese. I use the translator so I can see also I don't only wrote thank you I also wrote 2 sentence so that's why I use the the translator but if I only wrote thank you in Vietnamese I don't need the translator. Now me and my friends play hide and seek in the playground but not everyday we mostly play hide and seek. So that's the new playground so see you next time bye!

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