Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Work agreement Reflection

Work agreement I do well:

-I will be respectful listen who will focus on tasks when working.

-For example when I did my other blog posts from identity I focused  so hard because that is my final assessment and if I didn't finish I will be in trouble. 
-Also when I did my festival the same thing  as identity but that's  not my final assessment but it's also important as the my identity or less.
-Finally from communicator from the blogs it's also important like identity and moon festival.

-I will work in a group and share our ideas in an open-minded way.

-In PE when I did the challenges I listen to my group ideas and respect them so my group will try that idea and if it doesn't work we will try another.

-I celebrate the learning we achieve when I make mistakes.

-When I did the spelling test the first time some of the words I wrote is wrong and now I improved it so I celebrate from my spelling.

-I'll be a Risk-Taker and try new things.

-When my friends ask me to play skipping rope I have never played skipping rope before  so I tried to be a Risk-taker and played now I'm used to it.

-I will take responsibility for classroom and my belongings.

I have taken care of my computer because my teachers bought it not me so I should take responsibility of it.

 -I will be clear communicators and make sure I will understand tasks.

When I was reading a book to my K2 buddy after the book I asked my K2 buddy some questions and I spoke to my buddy clearly so he can understand.

-I will challenge my self to always work in a principle way.

When I was working in my blog like write now I was principled because I need to finish my portfolio until student lead conference so I should be principled.

Work agreements I need to do better
I think I should focus more in writing and U.O.I because I have been doing other stuff so I think I should improve on that also when I'm doing guided reading.
  I think I should also respect the ideas that I don't like too because if I don't do that in PE my group will hate me.   
I think I should achieve more mistakes not only a little bit so my brain will grow.
I think I should try even more things like American football and even other stuff that I don't know.
I think should take care of more things so the classroom will be clean and tidy.
I think I should be more clear for EAL kids not only my friends.
I think I should be more principle for other stuff to because it's also work. 

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  1. I think that is a good idea to make that words or writing.
    I want to copy your ideas.(^^)


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