Monday, October 3, 2016

My identity

My identity

I feel local at Vietnam, Guatemala  and Mexico because I like those three country's especially Vietnam because I was born in Vietnam. In Guatemala I feel local there because I from Guatemala also my dads parents are there which means my Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle and aunt are there. In Mexico I feel local there because I have stay there for about 1 month+the other times so I feel local there. I like wearing my superheros t-shirt and shirt. I like to make a Creeper like I did in school, I made it because my teacher said make something that is not a box like use a box to make something so that was the time that I chose a Creeper. I like drawing and I feel like becoming like an artist you know also check in Artsonia type then search Norman222 then you will see my artwork. I like traveling restaurants, hotels and in other country's. I like music and my favorite is the electric guitar because I like ROCK AND ROLE that's why I like it! From regular instruments I like the  violin because the notes are smooth and peaceful so that's why I like violin. I like playing sport's because it's healthy and you can be stronger and have more defense. My favorite sport is volleyball and soccer because I have been practicing for a long time also my friends in my old school H.I.S or Hanoi International School like volleyball so that's why I like volleyball. I like soccer because that was my first sport that I have ever played so I'm getting used to it so that's why I like playing soccer. The languages I speak are English, Vietnamese and Spanish. I like doing P.E because I exercise, I become more flexible and sometimes in my P.E class I can get to play games only if I'm early I can get to play. I can do a scissor kick to do a high jump, now I'm getting used it because I practice remember practice makes you better at it.My favorite color is BLUE because it's colorful and it's nice for me. My favorite name is Dragon because it's a cool name and + it's for boys.

The Mandela is the picture that is on the top left that's when I Mostly express my identity from what I like and don't like what I'm good at and what I'm not good at and I wrote I poem on the bottom of the paper it says what's my name what are my favorite foods and why. What are my favorite cartoon shows and why. Other stuff too not only that so I like to write something that is on the like I looked at the Mandela and I coped the pictures into words I said that for the people who doesn't know what a poem is so yeah.

Also my teacher printed myself then I put pictures that I express my identity with it so I should not leave a open space of my face I should cover the hole face so I needed to cut the pictures if it's too big and the shapes should be = the same shape.As you can see that I have a candy house from Christmas because I like Christmas + it's the most important celebration. Also a cup of orange juice because orange is my favorite flavor and it's delicious (of course right). Also you see a PAC-man  because PAC-man is one of my favorite cartoon show also sometimes I play that game it's FUN! And the ocean if you can see it. It is on my nose and mouth it's beautiful when you look in person. I won't explain all of the pictures that I put in my face or in the upper body because I put a lot of pictures as you can see.

There's also a peace sign that I made to make peace better and the teacher made the peace from a plastic plate and she made the shape like a peace symbol then in the back of the paint I wrote what I wish about what peace is gonna be so I expressed feelings. I also put my favorite colors and my most favorite color in the peace sign. To make the shape of the peace sign my teacher put the elastic tape on it to make the shape that's how to make a peace sign.

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