Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Moon festival

What is moon festival, why we celebrate it and how do I feel and what do I do when I celebrate moon festival

Moon festival means a Vietnamese celebration that people do dragon dances making Vietnamese toys to play with it also in the past mostly Vietnamese people  were  farmers then when they changed what thier doing instead of farmers it was in September so that's why we celebrate moon festival in September also it's fun celebrating it and also adults can make Vietnamese toys for the children so kids and teenagers and sometimes adults too can play with the toys. We also celebrate moon festival to show what Vietnamese was like in the past we also wear áo dài that means long shirt. We wear áo dài so when we celebrate moon festival it looks like everyone is from Vietnam(for me). When I celebrate moon festival I feel so happy and nervous because sometimes I perform in the stage when I'm at school also I made a toy called ông đánh gây that means Stick fighting man.This is how much I know moon festival so goodbye I will see you next time!

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